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Mold Remediation

Mold on walls



Mold is a common contaminant that can be found in any indoor environment where moisture problems exist. Once established in the residence, Mold is naturally opportunistic and can quickly colonize and contaminate building materials and personal property . The potential health effects are far ranging and in many cases completely unknown depending on the type of mold and the individual's susceptibility and physical condition. Mold is also allergenic affecting millions of people throughout the world. Individuals with allergy induced asthma may experience higher rates of asthma attacks in their homes and places of work where mold problems are not identified and properly mitigated. Indoor airborne spore concentrations in contaminated houses and buildings can be greater than fifty-times what is typical in non-contaminated or outdoor environments. The higher the airborne spore concentrations, the greater the personal exposure to mold which may potentially lead to an increase susceptibility to mold related illnesses. 


At TPM we understand how important your family's health is to you. This concern is why we stay current with the latest procedures and equipment needed to do the job correctly. Our certified mold remediation team gives you the peace of mind that the increased levels of mold in your home or work place will be successfully removed. The end result will be a safe environment for you to live or work in.

Mold Abatement Services include:


  • Initial site Inspection and assessment to determine the extent of mold damage.


  • Set guidelines to safely remove mold and protect the rest of the dwelling from further spreading of mold contamination.


  • Pre & Post testing by 3rd party certified industrial hygienist to test air quality and presence of mold.












  • Air Scubber

  • Negative Air

  • Cryoblaster

  • Hepa Vacuums

  • Industrial Drying Equipment


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